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I'm so impressed that the whole thing was voiced! Loved it! Short and sweet, but cute :) I saw on your page that you've worked on quite a few horror-looking genre games. That's really neat. I hope in the future you can create more cute-sy otome games like this one. I'd love to play them! >w<

Hrmm, I can't get the voices to work. I tried downloading both the windows and all version and tried toggling on/off the voices?


Thank you for your message!

I just checked and, yes, looks like we blundered with this one. Long story short: I accidentally uploaded a version without audio files... Oops!

The issue has been fixed and the updated game files have been uploaded. Please download the newest version of Witch Spell to play the game with voices.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope you will enjoy the game :)